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Still not sure if we can be of help? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

Can I partner with ACTA?2020-06-12T04:17:30+00:00

Yes, we love to working with all different types of companies. Email to get in touch to discuss our partnership options.

New ACTA Memberships2020-06-12T04:17:10+00:00

ACTA will be taking on new members in 2020. Please visit the website to register your interest in becoming a new member for Australia’s newest industry body focussed on apparel and textile sustainability <acta.global>

Can I attend ACTA events in 2020?2020-06-12T04:16:30+00:00

Yes, ACTA will be releasing a new event program for members and non-members in 2020. We look to focus on specialised, target topics which offer industry specific resources. Please register your interest here.

Can anyone become a Member?2020-06-12T04:16:11+00:00

Yes and No. we’ll be offering tiered membership to give prospective members every opportunity to get involved. Please register your interest in becoming a new member in order to receive the most up to date information pack and investment options <acta.global>

Can non-members attend events?2020-06-12T04:15:53+00:00

Yes, we strongly believe in sharing information and making it accessible for all. We will be charging non members a registration fee to attend ACTA events in 2020. We look to release our program in January, please stay up to date with all updates by signing up to our newsletters <acta.global>

Can I work for ACTA?2020-06-12T04:15:28+00:00

We’re a growing organisation, our Directors welcome new enquiries to get involved with ACTA. If you’d like to register you interest to become a part of the association, tentative positions open to EOI’s Treasurer, Administrative Assistant, Researcher, Junior Sales Assistant. If you feel you have industry experience and would like to offer your services enquire today <camille@acta.global>. Please note ACTA is not in the position to offer remuneration for Team Members in 2020.
Please view our Constitution to understand our vision.

Is ACTA hosting National events?2020-06-12T04:15:09+00:00

ACTA is a national peak industry body, we work with Solution Providers and Members from all across Australia. We look to run events in QLD, NSW and VIC in 2020. As we expand ACTA will diversify it’s offering to provide direct access for as many current and prospective Members across Australia and New Zealand over the next 2-3 years.

Can I get help right away?2020-06-12T04:14:45+00:00

Yes absolutely, we’re currently working with a number of organisations based in the apparel and textile industry providing various connections and solution providers to assist in upcoming 2020 projects. If you’re looking for assistance right away please contact us today <camille@acta.global OR blake@acta.global>