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From Textile Waste Management to Textile Values Measurement

Textiles are known to have a disproportionately high carbon impact, making improvement in this area a meaningful way to contribute to the larger state targets on emissions reductions.


POSTED June 10, 2020

Retails Biggest Disruption Since GFC

During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, local businesses reported a fifty-six per cent (56%) drop in online sales and a gargantuan eighty-seven per cent (87%) drop from in-store sales. 


POSTED May 28, 2020

Spinning Around: Fashion Rental Services in a Circular Economy

Traditionally, the textile industry operates on a linear system. Historically it has been in operation for centuries, today, it is outdated. As we turn toward circularity and a zero-waste system the linear model is fast becoming irrelevant.


POSTED May 24, 2020

Drumroll Please > Announcing our 2020 Committee Members

Announcing ACTA’s 2020 Committee Members. With great anticipation it’s time we share our exceptional new Committee as they support and eagerly guide ACTA towards a prosperous future in supporting industry.


POSTED May 19, 2020

ACTA COVID-19 – Press release

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, and the stress it has placed on textile supply chains across all sectors, ACTA is holding the active pursuit of new members in industry. 


POSTED April 4, 2020

Moving with the times: From ACFC to ACTA

In 2020 we will not be hosting the ACFC as […]


POSTED March 12, 2020

Why the industry needs to be aware of the rise of the conscious consumer.

A new disruptive frontier sweeps retail. One equally as ubiquitous to modern slavery. The buzzword sustainability has become synonymous with fashion.


POSTED November 29, 2019

Luxury Goods Deep Buried – Not Sold or Recycled.

It begs the obvious question, how do luxury brands stay elusive and desirable, even when they’re not selling product? The poor sales tracking in retail and consumer markets has been prevalent for a number of years.


POSTED September 24, 2019