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The role of textiles towards net-zero carbon emissions

Envisioning nature’s circular eco-process and adapting a sustainable mode of action, textiles towards net-zero emissions from production and waste is an achievable goal.


POSTED August 5, 2020

Examining Textile Waste from Brands and Charities

Less than one 1% of textile waste is recycled in Australia. Typically recycling textiles is a mechanical recycling process, turning garments into stuffing or rags.


POSTED July 29, 2020

Textiles: Do we really know what we’re dealing with?

It’s likely that textiles waste is the third-largest component in kerbside domestic waste, following food waste and contaminated paper.


POSTED July 17, 2020

From Textile Waste Management to Textile Values Measurement

Textiles are known to have a disproportionately high carbon impact, making improvement in this area a meaningful way to contribute to the larger state targets on emissions reductions.


POSTED June 10, 2020

Covid-19: Fashion Retails Biggest Disruption Since GFC

During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, local businesses reported a fifty-six per cent (56%) drop in online sales and a gargantuan eighty-seven per cent (87%) drop from in-store sales. 


POSTED May 28, 2020

Fashion Rental Services in a Circular ‘Textile’ Economy

Fashion rental will become integral to a circular ‘textile’ economy. Traditionally, the textile industry, like many others, operates on a linear system. While this model historically has been in operation for centuries, today, it is outdated.


POSTED May 24, 2020

Drumroll > Announcing ACTA’s Circular Textile Advisory Committee

Announcing ACTA’s 2020 Committee Members. With great anticipation it’s time we share our exceptional new Committee as they support and eagerly guide ACTA towards a prosperous future in supporting industry.


POSTED May 19, 2020

Australasian Circular Textile Assoc. Covid-19 – Press release

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, and the stress it has placed on textile supply chains across all sectors, ACTA is holding the active pursuit of new members in industry. 


POSTED April 4, 2020