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TEXTILES ARE EVER-PRESENT. Not only are they our clothing, but they are also in or carpets, furniture, and bedding; they are in the cars we drive, at the events we attend, in the hotels we stay and in the uniforms we wear; currently less than 1% of textiles are recycled in Australia.

ACTA’s members and stakeholders take a broader view of textiles, and make up the most complete network of knowledge and intention in Australia.

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Please note Application Forms must be digitally completed and signed by CEO or company director, not the company administrator.

ACTA Members Charter

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50% CV-19 Membership Discount 2020

Our Membership Fees have been revised due to the current financial circumstance affecting all aspects of local industry.

Membership fees will be revised and potentially increased January 1st 2021. Prices do not include GST.

Download ACTA’s Constitution.