In 2020 we will not be hosting The Australian Circular Fashion Conference, ACFC, as our interests move toward supporting practical action for industry through the Australian Circular Textiles Association, ACTA, founded following the 2018 conference. 

Having led the national discussion around circular textile recovery over several years, the method and approach of the ACFC and ACTA have evolved to reflect the current need for action. The transition to industry body will broaden the scope of our involvement, and allow us to direct funding to those projects and tasks providing a genuine change in this sector. 

ACTA represents the voice of the industry in this space and is focused on delivering:

> Reversing the growth in textile consumption

Ninety-five per cent (95%) recovery and reprocessing of all textiles

> A National Textile Stewardship Scheme 


Our soon to be released strategy ‘A Common Thread: ACTA’s 2030 Strategywill outline the steps to making this happen. Built on the principles of the circular economy, this strategy aims to preserve value in textiles, directing them to the highest order of recovery, reuse or recycling. 

Whilst post-consumer clothing remains a key focus of ACTA, this is far bigger than fashion. 

It is ACTA’s vision to reflect a broader view of textiles and to make up the most complete network of knowledge and intention in Australia.  To serve our growing membership, we are moving toward a more targeted program of workshops and seminars to support the transition to a circular economy which we look forward to sharing with you soon. 

You can find out more about membership here, and stay tuned for our position paper and 2030 strategy shortly.